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Double L Dirt Eliminator


Double L model 807 Dirt Eliminator modified to also size out small potatoes,
62" belted chain feed elevator, 62" finger rollers for dirt elimination, two
62" Spudnik hydraulic adjustable sizing tables (12 rollers each) to
eliminator undersize potatoes, main flow of potatoes go onto a belt and off
the end of machine, the undersize potatoes fall down onto the original
belted chain picking table and out the discharge end, underneath the main
potato discharge belt. All the original tare belts underneath all the
belted chains collect dirt and tare and take it to the center cross out tare
conveyor. The Tires are now duals to take care of the extra weight for
transport and the power is 230 volt 3phase. This is a very useable machine
that is ready to go to work.

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