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Tri Steel Automatic Dual Tote Filler


Tri Steel Automatic Dual Tote Bag/Bin Filler PBF-18D

The Tristeel Automatic Twin Tote/Bin Filler is designed to save time and labor while filling your bulk bag or bin. Place the bag on the bag holding bars, turn the machine on, and it will fill both with no supervision. The hydraulic gooseneck boom will lower into the bottom of the bag and raise as the bag is being filled to minimize product drop. The computer fills until a predetermined weighment or product height in bag is reached which is accomplished by communication with a digital floor scale or limit switches on machine. After the first bag is filled, the machine transitions over to the second filling station, lowers boom and begins the program sequence again. This can be repeated by simply pushing a button on the control box which tells the machine their is a empty bag/bin in place. This machine can also be run in manual mode.

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