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Tri Steel Hybrid Washer


The Tristeel Hybrid Washer is a very versatile machine that will improve appearance quality by adjusting based on potato varieties, field conditions and product volume. The Hybrid Washer can be run like a flat washing table or has the capability to trough or cup the brushes via hydraulics. The cupping effect creates tumbling and action much the same as a potato polisher less the polisher price. The machine also has a tilt for discharging the potatoes quicker and Variable Frequency Drives controlling brush speed for more aggressive brushing if necessary.

Variable Washer Bed
Brush Tilt
Jax Food Grade Lubricants
Drip Pan
Aluminum Spray Hoods
Premium Motors and Gear Reducers
Heavy Frame Construction

  • Year: 0
  • Type:
  • Options: Custom Width and Length
    Independent Hydraulic Power Unit
    Grease Bank
    Stainless Steel Construction
    Tufted Segmented Brushes(Polisher)

    HW4884 4' X 7' BRUSH LENGTH 15TN/HR
    HW4896 4' X 8' BRUSH LENGTH 20TN/HR
    HW6084 5' X 7' BRUSH LENGTH 25TN/HR
    HW6096 5' X 8' BRUSH LENGTH 30TN/HR
    HW60108 5' X 9' BRUSH LENGTH 35TN/HR
    HW72120 6' X 10' BRUSH LENGTH 40TN/HR
  • Size: